Welcome to Bad LandingEdit

It’s called that for a fairly obvious reason, as the giant wrecked airship can attest to. You were all passengers aboard the A.S. Intrepid, the first of its kind, sent from the city of Lonta. Perhaps you were guards, perhaps you were crew members. You’re all survivors now. The wreck of the Intrepid was quickly salvaged for parts, in order to make the small excuse for a town that’s now called Bad Landing. Supplies were taken from the wreckage, enough to support the crash survivors for a while at least, but you’ll need to expand and explore in order to survive. Apart from the colossal towers barely visible over the horizon, and the ruins that Bad Landing was practically built onto, there’s little sign of civilisation. Still, it pays to be careful.

At least decades, perhaps centuries or even millennia of disuse have rendered the one other interesting item inoperable: according to the more arcane members of the expedition, it used to be a teleportation device that connected to others further afield. Probably useless even if repaired, as at least two need to be operable in order to use them, but it would be useful if you could find a second one and repair that too...

Where to, Explorer?Edit

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You probably want to know where you are. There's a list of locations, but the most interesting is probably Bad Landing.

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